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FAQs About Electrical Services From Licensed Electricians in Pike Road, AL

Ward Electric, helmed by Master Electrician Chance Ward, is a prime example of determination, skill, and entrepreneurial spirit. Founded in 2021, Ward Electric is a family-owned operation supported by Chance's wife, Katie, who plays a crucial role as the Business Administrator. Our roots may be new, but our commitment to delivering unmatched electrical services, guided by a core ethos of professionalism and integrity, is timeless.

What Types of Electrician Services Does Ward Electric Offer?

Ward Electric is a premier provider of a broad spectrum of residential electrician services in Pike Road and Montgomery, AL, designed to cater to all your home's electrical requirements. Our range of services includes:

  • Main Breaker Panels & Wiring
    • Main panel replacements and upgrades
    • Whole-house surge protection
    • Old wiring replacement
    • Adding new circuits
    • Major appliance circuits/outlets

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
    • Tesla Charging Station Certified Installer
    • Installation of all EV charging models
    • All provisions taken to ensure safety for car batteries & charging stations

  • Standby Generators
    • Residential and commercial generators
    • Automatic or manual transfer switches
    • Annual or semi-annual generator maintenance & care

  • Lighting Installation
    • Indoor light fixtures
    • Outdoor light fixtures
    • Custom light fixtures
    • Home security lights
    • Energy-efficient LED lights
    • Timers & motion detectors

  • Minor Electrical Repair
    • Outlet and switch repair or replacement
    • Electrical fixture repair
    • Home wiring repairs
    • Electrical panel repair and rewiring
    • Circuit breaker replacement
    • Fluorescent light ballast replacement

  • Other Installations
    • Ceiling fans and exhaust fans
    • Smoke detectors/alarms
    • Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors/alarms
    • Pool & hot tub wiring
    • Childproof electrical outlets
    • GFCI electrical outlets
When Should I Call An Electrician?

You should call an electrician at Ward Electric whenever you encounter issues such as frequent electrical surges, circuit breaker tripping often, flickering lights, outlets that are not working, or if you notice any unusual electrical phenomena like buzzing sounds or burning smells. You should also call an electrician when planning any home improvements that involve electrical work, such as adding new outlets or wiring a new room. Trusting a professional ensures your work is done safely and correctly.

What Should I Do If My Outlets Are Overloaded?

If your outlets are overloading, it is essential to address the issue promptly to avoid potential electrical hazards. Ward Electric offers professional electrician services that can help. Our skilled electricians in Pike Road, AL can inspect your electrical system, identify the source of the problem, and provide an efficient solution. Overloading often results from a faulty outlet or wiring. We can replace your old outlets with new, safer ones and ensure that your home's electrical load is distributed evenly and safely.

How Can I Tell If My Circuit Breaker Is Bad?

Several signs of an imperfect circuit breaker include frequent tripping despite low current flow, physical damage like burning or scorching signs, or an inability to stay reset. Also, if appliances in your home are not working correctly, this could indicate a bad circuit breaker. To confirm and fix an issue with your circuit breaker, consider contacting Ward Electric. Our experienced electricians can provide accurate diagnoses and solutions, ensuring your home's electrical system is safe and reliable.

Why Is My Electrical Panel Sparking?

A sparking electrical panel can indicate a severe issue. It may be due to a loose wire or connection, aged-out circuits, or faulty breakers, often leading to potential fire hazards. If you notice your panel sparking, promptly contact a professional electrician. At Ward Electric, we prioritize your safety. Our electricians will swiftly arrive at your Pike Road, AL property, assess your electrical system, and provide an effective solution to stop the sparking and any potential risk it poses.

How Do You Upgrade an Electric Panel?

At Ward Electric, we begin any electrical panel upgrade by comprehensively inspecting your current system. This helps us understand your property’s power demands and the conditions of your existing panel. Our skilled electricians then design an upgrade plan that matches your specific needs. We source high-quality electrical panels from reliable suppliers and manage the replacement process with minimal disruption to your everyday routine. Our team ensures a proper and secure installation, ensuring your new panel meets local codes and safety standards.

How Can I Prevent Electrical Problems In My Home?

Preventing electrical problems in your home begins with regular electrical system maintenance. Schedule periodic inspections with professionals like Ward Electric to catch issues early before they become significant problems. We also advise improving your home's electrical safety by installing ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), upgrading your electrical panel as needed, and being mindful of your power usage. Ward Electric's comprehensive electrician services are designed to help maintain the health of your electrical system and keep your property safe.

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