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Seamless EV Charger Installations

Premier EV Charger Installation in Pike Road and Montgomery, AL

Experience the Convenience of a Home EV Charging Station

As an electric vehicle (EV) owner, you can now say goodbye to the frantic hunts for public charging stations. We recognize the mounting demand for dependable home EV charging solutions at Ward Electric. Our licensed electricians in Pike Road, AL, specialize in installing a secure and efficient EV car charger at your home, ensuring your EV is always geared up for your journeys.

Ward Electric brings together a team of skilled professionals who excel in installing all varieties of EV chargers and modifying the solutions to fit your unique needs and preferences. We strive to take the hassle out of the process, offering a smooth and straightforward service. Our expert residential electricians are with you at every step of the installation process, from determining the correct charger to the final stages of setup.

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Let’s Power Your Electric Vehicle’s Journey!

Ward Electric will assist you with all your EV car charger installation needs. Our residential electricians are committed to providing a worry-free and efficient installation experience. Contact us today and let us help you transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future!

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Upgrade Your Home With a Customized EV Car Charger Installation

Investing in an EV car charger installation for your home enhances the overall charging experience and adds value to your property. Ward Electric is dedicated to helping homeowners in Pike Road, AL, make the most of their electric vehicles by offering customized solutions. Our experts will assess your home's electrical system and determine the best charging setup for your specific needs, ensuring smooth installation.

With a home charger, you'll enjoy the convenience of having your EV fully charged every morning without the need to visit public charging stations in Pike Road, AL. It's an eco-friendly solution that contributes to a more sustainable future.

EV Car Charger Installation FAQs

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What is the Best Time For EV Charging At Home?
How Much Maintenance Does An EV Charger Need?

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Fully Stocked Trucks

Our trucks come fully stocked with all the necessary tools and equipment whenever we're on the job. This ensures we're always ready to tackle any electrical issue, resulting in reduced downtime and faster service for you.

Licensed Electricians

Our team comprises licensed electricians with rigorous training and vast field experience. Such premier qualifications are your assurance of safe, correct, and high-quality electrical work.

100% Quality Guarantee

We are committed to providing a 100% Quality Guarantee on all our services. It's a testament to our confidence in the expertise of our team and our dedication to delivering work of the highest standard.

Trustworthy Service

Our service is founded on trust and integrity, valued by customers who rely on us for their electrical needs. We prioritize professionalism, honesty, and transparency in all our dealings, ensuring you can always trust us with your home.

Financing Options

We understand that pricing is an important consideration, so we offer flexible financing options for our services. This allows our customers to get the electrical solutions they need without worrying about upfront costs.

After-Hours Service

Emergency electrical issues can arise at any time. To accommodate this, we provide dedicated after-hours service, staying ready to promptly address your electrical emergencies, regardless of the hour.

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I had a fantastic experience with Ward Electric! He was not only professional but also incredibly prompt in his response. He arrived on time and completed the job efficiently. What's even better is that his pricing was very reasonable. I highly recommend Ward Electric for any electrical work you need. He is reliable, skilled, and customer-friendly. - Fightress A. Rating
From the first moment I contacted them, I had immediate service. I had a wall charger installed for my vehicle, Mr. Ward was very accommodating, knowledgeable and experienced. He also addressed another issue in my home and will be doing that work in the near future. Please give them a call, you will be glad you did. - Tess S. Rating
Most stand up and fair priced professional around. We asked for suggestions from the Community and hands down Ward Electric was the recommendation. Could not be happier with his service, timeliness, pricing, and professionalism. Thanks so much! Won’t ever use a different electrician from here out. - Neka P. Rating

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Your home deserves the best. Schedule an appointment with our expert electricians today and let Ward Electric handle all your home's electrical needs with the professionalism and efficiency you deserve. Contact us now to get started.

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