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Electrical Services

Residential Electrician Services in Pike Road and Montgomery, AL

Exceptional Electrical Repairs and Installations

Every homeowner experiences electrical issues at some point, from flickering lights and tripped breakers to more severe scenarios like sparking outlets or the need for an electrical panel upgrade or replacement. These electrical problems can be more than just a nuisance; they can pose significant risks to your property and family. That's where Ward Electric steps in! Our team of experienced, licensed electricians is committed to offering the best electrician services to keep your home safe and functioning efficiently.

Ward Electric's team of skilled professionals has the knowledge and tools to solve your electrical problems quickly and effectively. Our residential electricians receive ongoing training to stay current with industry advancements. Whether it's an electrical panel installation or electrical panel repair, our customers come first, and we will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction.

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Don't Let Electrical Problems Slow You Down

From routine home electrical panel maintenance to intricate electrical system installations, Ward Electric offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet homeowners' unique requirements. We even provide emergency electrician services for dire situations. Our dedicated electricians are confident about handling electrical repairs due to their years of hands-on experience.

Moreover, we specialize in intricate tasks such as generator maintenance, providing both electrical panel installation and electrical panel repair. Our commitment to service excellence means we stay updated with the latest electrical codes and technologies. We also offer comprehensive maintenance plans for our Ward Electric Exclusive Club Members!

Residential & Commercial Electrical Service

Excelling in Electric Services for the Modern Home

Light Up Your Life with Our Electrical Services

I had a fantastic experience with Ward Electric! He was not only professional but also incredibly prompt in his response. He arrived on time and completed the job efficiently. What's even better is that his pricing was very reasonable. I highly recommend Ward Electric for any electrical work you need. He is reliable, skilled, and customer-friendly. - Fightress A. Rating
From the first moment I contacted them, I had immediate service. I had a wall charger installed for my vehicle, Mr. Ward was very accommodating, knowledgeable and experienced. He also addressed another issue in my home and will be doing that work in the near future. Please give them a call, you will be glad you did. - Tess S. Rating
Most stand up and fair priced professional around. We asked for suggestions from the Community and hands down Ward Electric was the recommendation. Could not be happier with his service, timeliness, pricing, and professionalism. Thanks so much! Won’t ever use a different electrician from here out. - Neka P. Rating

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